• Super Mop Telescopic

    Elegantly designed with telescopic extension handle to reach difficult sports. Enables you to clean walls, ceilings & floors it is also available with telescopic handle. Packed […]
  • Peaxol Air Freshener / Moth Repellent

    Mfg from PDCB to IS 5992. Imparts freshness & fragrance. Keeps books, clothes and shoes free from moths, fungus and bath room free from bad smell. […]
  • Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser

    For liquid soap and lotion. Specially made from 304 S. steel with rich matt finish. Sturdy brass pump delivers required quantity of soap without waste or […]
  • Diorox Dish Wash

    Dish washing detergent. Leaves nothing but sparkle. Packing 500ml bottle.
  • Neem Bath Soap

    Manufactured from Neem oil, natural oil and glycerin. Has bactericidal activity up to 85% with skin retention care up to 6 hrs. Packing: 100gms cakes. 100 […]
  • Homacol Washing Soap

    Ideal for hand and machine wash. Packing: 200gms, 250gms, 500gms and 1Kg bar.
  • Freshup

    Grade 1 toilet soap. Available in two varieties and cleanses the skin, leaving it smooth and supple. Enriched with skin conditioning oils to prevent skin from […]
  • Hanskleen Foam Soap

    One of our newest products
  • Homacol Liquid Toilet Soap

    ISI Marked. Always fresh, hygienic and manufactured from Neem & Coconut oils. Ideal for hand wash. Available in packing : 5 kg & 20 kg plastic […]